Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak-Inab) Recipe

Lebanese Food, the home of tasty Lebanese food, invites you to try Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak-Inab) Recipe. Enjoy a collection of traditional Lebanese food Recipes and learn how to make Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak-Inab). 


400 g of fresh grape leaves or 200 g of preserved ones
½ bunch of parsley
¼ bunch of mint
1 onion
2 tomatoes
1 chili
salt and pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
juice of 2 lemons
½ cup of rice


Chop finely the parsley, mint and the onion.

Dice finely the tomatoes.

Mix all previous ingredients with the rice, olive oil, lemon juice and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Roll flat each grape leave, keeping its smooth side down.

Put a small amount of stuffing in a thin line in the middle. Close a bit from both sides and roll tight.

Arrange stuffed leaves in a pot.

When full add water to cover them to the 3/4. Put on a low fire and let it cook.

Leave to cool and serve cold.

Source: Lebanese Recipes


  1. You should mention that they should either stack the rolled dolmas in stacks tied by thread to keep them in place and place a dish on top that is slightly concave to prevent the rolls from opening up. They could also line the bottom with carrot slices and potatoes and onions, all cut in circular shape for special taste. If green plums (generek) is in season a couple of thawed fruits placed at the bottom will make all the difference.

    1. Hi Sahar,

      Thanks for your comment, using a dish on the top is a good idea, but not using a thread!


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